New Jaguar XF

The Jaguar brand is one which has undergone a real resurgence over the last decade, and with the XF Jaguar have managed to make a car that is practical for everyday use as well as being able to turn heads.  With a large grille at the front that bears the Jaguar badge, and bulging lines that suggest at the power and pace delivered by the engine under the bonnet, this is a very attractive car to have on the drive.  Although it is a big car, Jaguar have also delivered a vehicle that is an absolute delight for the driver while still being quite comfortable and enjoyable for the passengers too.

Along with the nimble steering and terrific ride, the new XF can boast a very good range of engines, with the majority of cars having a diesel engine apart from the ultra powerful 5.0 litre petrol unit that can reach sixty miles an hour in under five seconds.  The diesel engines are available in 2.2 and 3.0 litre versions, with the 2.2 litre engine being the more practical and efficient of the two options.  Whichever engine you opt for, even the entry level engine has plenty of power for most journeys, with the larger engines just increasing the fun that the driver can have.

The Jaguar XF is a car that is very popular among regular business drivers, and for this reason the trim levels begin at well-equipped, and increase in luxury and comfort from there.  The entry level SE trim comes with climate control and cruise control to make the XF a comfortable motorway cruiser, but as you approach the top of the range the leather seats and wood trim really make the XF a wonderful car to drive.  There are some items like the rear-view camera that remains on the optional extras list, but the entire XF range has been very well equipped.

Buying a new Jaguar may appear like a big investment for those who are looking for a new car, but the XF really does offer a lot, including rear seats which have enough space to actually be used.  But as with any Jaguar, the real joy is behind the wheel, and why the XF may be larger than some of the Jaguar coupes, it doesn’t lose any of its wonderful driving experience.  This is a real combination of thrills and luxury that will delight even the most discerning buyer.