Jaguar XF Review

Jaguar’s goal for the XF was to achieve a driving experience to match the sporty looks with a balanced ride, handling and refinement.
In pursuit of this ambition Jaguar decided to fit shift-by-wire transmission control, giving lightning fast gear changes, or the driver can use manual shifts via steering wheel mounted paddles.
With its stiff shell, wide track and suspension from the Jaguar XK this Big Cat bristles with agility and poise.
When forced by the urban jungle to adopt a slower pace it absorbs the bumps and cossets the driver and passengers in time-honoured Jaguar fashion.
There are three spec levels – Luxury, Premium Luxury and the SV8 trim that is reserved for the supercharged V8 model.
It comes with a choice of four engines – a 2.7-litre V6 turbodiesel, a 3.0-litre V6 petrol, a 4.2-litre naturally aspirated V8 petrol and a 4.2-litre superchargd V8, all with six-speed automatic transmission.
The 2.7 V6 diesel is sure to prove hugely popular, not only because of its fuel economy and relatively low emissions for a car like this, but also because it’s so quiet. In fact it is hard to believe it is an oil burner at all.
Both the 3.0 V6 and 4.2 V8 petrol models are excellent to drive although they do have a ferocious appetite for fuel.
The flagship SV8 is a hellcat hitting 60mph in just 5.1 seconds with a top speed electronically limited to 155mph.


The coupe-like roofline of the Jaguar XF does impinge a bit on headroom, but there is still more than enough space to carry five adults in comfort.
Luggage room in the XF is also good with a useful 500 litres of boot space available – the most ever offered in a Jaguar car.
The Jaguar XF is not a cheap car when compared with the opposition although it is one of the best equipped.
Look at the dash and you are reminded of just how hi-tech the Jaguar XF is. There’s a start-up procedure that has as much razzmatazz as a West End musical while the quality materials used in the cabin and the excellent design all make a big impression.
This glitz is not at the expense of practicality however as everything the driver needs is well positioned and easy to use.
A decent driving position is easy to find but you will find visibility restricted from several angles.

Life Style

The XF is an attempt at a new kind of Jaguar – one that is forward looking rather than influenced by the past.
As such it is looking to entice executives who have previously bought German executive saloons and are after something different from the offerings Jaguar has previously relied on.
So the XF is designed to make an instant impression both outside where the styling is contemporary, and inside where wood, leather and aluminium are used in fresh ways that look far more appealing than in Jags gone by.
Firing up the beast via a pulsing ‘start’ button sees the transmission’s rotary gear selector rising from the centre console, while four dash-mounted air vents rotate to the open position. If that doesn’t impress the neighbours I don’t know what will.
Out on the open road is where the XF belongs as its lithe, grippy chassis makes it as at home on twisting mountain roads as it is on a bog standard motorway.
The steering is excellent giving great feedback to the driver while the ride is a touch firmer than usual for a Jaguar – but not uncomfortably so.

Security and Safety

There is no doubt the XF is going to be a magnet for the criminal element but its defences are good with a raft of anti-theft devices included.
As far as safety is concerned it has all that you would expect to protect occupants with systems to help you avoid accidents and others to minimise the damage if one is unavoidable. Jaguar also go the extra mile by ensuring the XF also looks after pedestrians by using a bonnet that springs up in the event of a collision.

The Finishing Touches

Jaguar ensures every piece of equipment imaginable is fitted to the XF including exotic items such as touch-screen satellite navigation with voice control and iPod connectivity.
This is in addition to the usual suspects such as dual zone climate control, an eight-speaker sound system with DAB radio, a blind spot monitor, front and rear parking aids, adaptive cruise control, automatic speed limiter and an electronic parking brake.

Jaguar XF - Review Summary

The Jaguar XF is the replacement for the retro styled S-Type and ushers in an eye-catching fresh look. This Jaguar combines the style and performance of a sports car with the space and sophistication of a luxury saloon.